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Your Call To Our Firm May Save Your Future.
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Seattle Defense Lawyers Handle Major Criminal Cases

Washington firm has represented thousands of clients

If you have been accused of a serious crime, your future may rest on your choice of representation. At Peale Law Firm Inc. in Seattle, we have more than 35 years of experience making strong cases in front of juries. Walter O. Peale is a death penalty-qualified attorney who handles even the toughest criminal cases in federal, state and municipal courts. Our firm offers representation to clients throughout Washington State who are dealing with severe criminal accusations.

Serious defense for serious crimes

It’s imperative to find good representation as soon as possible if you’re suspected of committing a crime, preferably before speaking with law enforcement. When you work with Peale Law Firm Inc., you can expect:

  • Aggressive advocacy — Our attorneys present powerful, credible cases using compelling arguments before judges and juries, even in emotional cases involving serious crimes.
  • Proven litigators — We represent clients in municipal, district, superior and federal courts, as well as courts of appeal, and we have more than 35 years of jury experience.
  • 24-hour availability — If you are being interrogated or believe you may soon be arrested or charged with a crime, time is not on your side, so we make sure we can always be reached.

Peale Law Firm Inc. has had hundreds of impressive courtroom victories and is ready to go to work for you.

Representing defendants for a range of felonies

We have helped thousands of accused clients and have been heard before hundreds of juries. Peale Law Firm Inc. can ably represent you for any type of crime, including a:

  • Homicide — The most serious accusation that can be leveled at a criminal defendant is the killing of a human being. If you have been accused of homicide, including vehicular homicide as a result of DUI/DWI, you need aggressive representation by experienced criminal defense lawyers.
  • Major felony — If you have been accused of drug crimes, sex crimes, gun and weapon crimes, domestic violence, or theft crimes like burglary or robbery, our firm offers a track record of successful defense, including for defendants charged under juvenile law.
  • White collar crime — Accusations of financial impropriety or embezzlement can be disastrous without the right representation. We work to develop innovative, thorough defense strategies for white collar crime defendants.

No matter what you have been accused of, our accomplished attorneys are prepared to represent you using all our abilities. Most of our clients face serious criminal charges, including those that can lead to life imprisonment, but we also take select cases involving such misdemeanors as assault and battery.

Contact a Seattle criminal defense lawyer for a free consultation.

With over 35 years of jury trial experience, Peale Law Firm Inc. in Seattle, Washington, provides thorough, aggressive criminal defense. Call us today at 206-906-9112 or contact us online to put an experienced defense attorney in your corner.





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