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Recent Blog Posts

When Homicide Is Justifiable or Excusable

No matter the evidence or facts of the case, any homicide charge is serious and could result in devastating penalties. And despite a 2018 ruling by the Washington State Supreme Court that the way the state administers the death penalty is unconstitutional, the state legislature has yet to abolish capital punishment in the state. In […]

The Other Drug Epidemic: How Meth Is Fueling Drug Crimes

 While the opioid epidemic continues to be a national health and crime problem, in Washington, methamphetamine use has been on the rise for the last decade. The amount of meth in police evidence testing, which had declined steeply for several years until 2010, has been steadily increasing ever since. In a 2017 survey of the […]

Defending Against Embezzlement in Washington State

Being responsible for some or all of an organization’s funds does not come without risk. Even an innocent mistake such as a clerical error can land employees and others in hot water. On the other end of the spectrum, however, is the crime of embezzlement — when someone who is entitled to handle such money […]

How Napping Under the Influence Could Get You Arrested

Driving under the influence occurs, of course, when someone is 1) driving and 2) under the influence (of either alcohol or drugs). So, if you are pulled over in the state of Washington and are considered impaired by either substance, you should be expected to be charged with driving under the influence (DUI). But what […]

New Limits on Firearms in Washington State

On May 7, Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation placing new limits on undetectable firearms but lesser restrictions on untraceable ones in Washington State. Specifically, the law places an outright ban on manufacturing, owning, buying, selling, transporting or possessing undetectable firearms. These include any firearm without enough metal to be detectable by walk-through metal detectors commonly […]

Bill Could Wipe Out Thousands of Marijuana Convictions in Washington State

A bill passed by the Washington House of Representatives on April 23 and by the Senate on April 29 could wipe out thousands of marijuana convictions that occurred before the state decriminalized the drug in 2012 for people over 21. The measure relates to misdemeanor marijuana offense convictions. Under the previous law, it was a […]

Bill Would Require Police to Confiscate Firearms in Washington State Domestic Violence Situations

On April 26, the Washington State Legislature passed a controversial measure that would require police officers responding to a domestic violence call to confiscate all firearms and ammunition in the home if there is probable cause that a crime has been committed. The House of Representatives passed the bill on March 5, with 60 voting […]

What Types of Conduct Can Support an Attempted Murder Charge?

Attempted murder is a serious criminal offense that can result in substantial prison time. To understand what is involved if someone is facing such a charge, it is necessary to know what is meant by “attempted.” Under Washington State law, a chargeable attempt is any act that is a substantial step toward the commission of […]

What Legal Defense Is Available After a Shoplifting Arrest?

The first few months of 2019 saw a crackdown on shoplifting in Seattle. Police made a total of 33 shoplifting arrests — 23 arrests at a Home Depot in the South District in February and another 10 arrests in March after a series of thefts at a Home Depot and a Lowes store on Aurora […]

What Are Your Defenses If Charged With a Cold Crime?

Criminal charges are often complex and require investigations that involve visiting crime scenes, talking with witnesses and reviewing police reports and other evidence collected by law enforcement. But what if that case is years old? Or decades old? In Washington State, many crimes resulting in death carry no statute of limitations, which means police may […]


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