Case Results

Just because you or a loved one has been arrested, doesn't mean the final outcome will automatically result in a guilty verdict. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side throughout the legal process is the best way to fight the charges against you. At Peale Law Firm, we have helped many clients in Shoreline, WA either obtain a not-guilty verdict, get there case dismissed entirely, or get their charges or penalties reduced to avoid jail or prison time. See our most recent case results below.

  • Reduced to Assault 3rd Degree
    Assault 1st Degree
    Client allegedly pursued, beat, and kicked a man causing serious injury. Prison sentence reduced to electronic home monitoring after negotiation.
  • Reduced to Murder 2nd Degree by Jury
    Murder 1st Degree, Premeditated
    Premediated gang killing. Successfully argued at trial.
  • Reduction of Sentence by 300 Months
    Murder 1st Degree
    Client, age 17, went to a party with a gun and killed one of the partygoers. With a different lawyer, she was convicted of Murder 1st Degree. Case reversed on appeal. The same lawyer negotiated a plea of guilty. I was hired to withdraw the guilty plea and conduct new sentencing hearing.
  • Acquittal
    Rape of Child, Multiple Counts
    Girlfriend’s daughter claimed sexual misconduct. Case dismissed following jury trial.
  • Reduced After Negotiation
    Multi-State, Multi-Count Rape of Child
    Victims in Oregon and Washington. Client charged with multiple counts of Rape of Child 1st Degree. Successfully negotiated to one count of 2nd degree child molestation is Washington.

  • Reduced to 2nd Degree Manslaughter
    Murder 1st Degree, Dismemberment
    Client accused of killing and dismembering victim.