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In the state of Washington, sex offenses are broken down into four categories:

  • Indecent liberties - Sexual contact without consent by forcible compulsion or when the victim is incapable of consent
  • Third degree rape - Forcible penetration with an express lack of consent or where the victim's property is substantially threatened
  • Second degree rape - Forcible penetration without consent by forcible compulsion or where the victim is incapable of consent
  • First degree rape - Forcible penetration without consent involving kidnapping, injury, the use or threat of a weapon, or invasion of a home or car

What are the Penalties for Sex Offenses?

In the state of Washington, the penalties for sex crimes can be severe. Third degree rape is punishable by five years in prison; the rest are Class A felonies punishable by up to life in prison. Conviction for any of them results in hefty fines, probation as well as being added to the sex offender registry. At Peale Law Firm, our sex crime lawyers in Shoreline have decades of experience successfully defending clients charged with this type of crime.

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What is the Age of Consent in Washington?

Some sex crime laws vary by state, so it is important to have an attorney represent you. For example, the age of consent for statutory rape in Washington is 16 years old, and if the older partner is significantly older, or if the two have a significant relationship such as teacher and student, it's 18. Washington State has no close-in-age exemption, so it is possible to be prosecuted for statutory rape even if both the defendant and victim are under 16. Someone charged with statutory rape may face anything from a gross misdemeanor to a Class A felony and life in prison. We can work to reduce the charges even before the case goes to trial.

Sex Offender Registration Laws in Washington

When people are convicted of sex offenses, their names are added to the sex offender registry. In addition to registering their names, addresses, fingerprints, and personal information, much of which will be made public and available online, any request to leave the country must be registered with the county sheriff, along with details about the itinerary and return.

If, at any point, people on the registry move, they must re-register at their new addresses within three business days. Because of the severity and permanence of this requirement, it is imperative that your Shoreline sex crime attorney be an experienced trial litigator, like those at Peale Law Firm. We can help keep your name from ever being put on the public registry.

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Accusations of sexual misconduct can ruin a life, and a conviction requires permanent registration as a sex offender, with no way off the registry. Potential sex crime charges must be taken seriously and resolved quickly and thoroughly. At Peale Law Firm, an accomplished trial advocate can defend you even against accusations for the most serious offenses.

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