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The state of Washington divides crimes involving stealing property into three types of offenses: theft, burglary, and robbery. At Peale Law Firm, we've been defending clients charged with these and other property crimes for decades. Our resources and courtroom acumen have helped preserve the future for thousands of clients.

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What is Theft in Washington State?

Theft is stealing property or services from another. In Washington State, theft of under $750 is a misdemeanor. Second degree theft is a felony, involving up to $5,000 in stolen goods or services. Goods and services valued at more than $5,000 is considered first degree theft, as is taking property directly from the victim.

In addition, some types of theft are treated uniquely under Washington law, including theft of:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Telecom services
  • Firearms
  • Livestock

Theft includes the taking of lost or improperly delivered property as well as theft by deception. Because different types of theft result in significantly different penalties, the experienced criminal counsel at Peale Law Firm can advise you as to which charges carry less serious consequences, either at trial or in consideration of a negotiated plea.

What is Burglary?

Burglary is defined as entering into property with the intent to commit theft:

  • If the burglary includes a deadly weapon or an assault, it is a first degree burglary, and a Class A felony.
  • Washington State also has a separate crime of residential burglary, which is considered more serious for sentencing purposes than second degree burglary.

In addition, someone charged with burglary can be charged separately for any other crime committed during the burglary. For example, the state of Washington has outlawed the manufacturing and possession of burglary tools such as lock picks or false keys, and using them in a burglary would involve both a burglary and possession charge.

Robbery in State & Federal Courts

Unlike theft or burglary, robbery must take place in the presence of the victim and must involve injury or the threat of injury, though the threat or injury need not be to the person whose property is taken. Because of this, it is a violent crime and a property crime, and it is considered more serious than theft. It's a first degree robbery if it involves injury, a weapon, or an apparent weapon, or if it is a bank robbery.

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