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Your Call To Our Firm May Save Your Future.
Call or Text Anytime. Nights. Weekends. Holidays.

Your Call To Our Firm May Save Your Future.
Call or Text Anytime. Nights. Weekends. Holidays.

For over 35 years I have defended people charged with crimes, from murder to DUI. In a high percentage of cases the verdict has been not guilty. I have lost cases and I have plead clients guilty. But I have always done the best I can and obtained the best results possible. I promise to do the same for you.

  • “I recently had a relative who got into trouble and her first attorney left her in a situation in which her reputation and liberty were at risk. Fortunately, she then found Walter Peale who took over the case and got her charge dismissed. Mr. Peale successfully resolved her legal problem and enabled her to move on with her life. Thank you Mr. Peale for going the extra mile. You are the best!” Judith Larsen 

  • “I was facing a high profile situation in Snohomish Co. And with Mr. Peale’s help he was able to guide me through the legal process that resulted in no charges being filed. So, if you need help in time of trouble I would give him a call.” 

    •  “A man had an adjudication entered against him.  Now in 2012 he asked me to remove it.  The gentleman  remarked that [you] had been very kind, but had ‘let him have it.”’ He said that he listened to [you] and had made the necessary changes in his life.  The gentleman is now a responsible citizen.  I granted [his request]  and the disposition order is now as if it never entered.” Judge Appel, Snohomish County Superior Court

    • “Makes sense to me.  Need to contact the family ASAP.  (Hell, I would go out and commit a major crime just to be able to hire you myself ” J.S., Another lawyer referring a client to me.  (First Degree Robbery)

    • “Walt, I have been practicing criminal defense for almost 20 years.  That was the best closing argument I have ever heard.” N.M. (First Degree Rape, Not Guilty)

    • “That man is lucky to have you as his attorney.  You are the best trial lawyer I work against.” Prosecuting Attorney (First degree Assault, Not Guilty)

    • “I am glad she has you as her lawyer, she really needs help. I know you will work hard for her and give her a good defense.”  J.B., Prosecuting Attorney (Homicide Self Defense)

    • “Counsel, you both did a good job at trial.  Thank you.  (To my client):  Mr. [my client] you should be very happy.  That was one of the best defense cases I have ever seen in my court. I will frankly be very surprised if the jury takes more than a few minutes to acquit you.” B.A., Judge, after case went to the jury  (Not Guilty)

    • “Mr. Peale this court is very thankful and appreciative of the excellent advocacy you put forth on behalf of your client. I am confident when you bring a case to my court all that can be done has been done.” M.Y., Judge

    • “My brother in law knows a lot of lawyers in Seattle, including prosecutors and defense attorneys.  He asked his friends about you when he learned I was going to use you.  They all told him you are one of the best.  I agree with him and thank you for the work you did for me.” R.P. (Arrest for First Degree Murder)

    • “I have used a lot of lawyers and been in court a lot.  You are the best one I have ever had.  I have a nick – name for you:  ‘the white Johnny Cochran’. Thank you for working so hard for me.” J.M.  (First Degree Murder)

    • Jurors often say nice things to me win or lose.  This juror said it best: “If I ever get in trouble and need a lawyer, I will hire you.” (First Degree Murder Trial)

    • “Mr. Peale, you saved my life.” (Self Defense, Not Guilty)

    • “I knew when I was arrested you could not do a lot for me, hell I was guilty.  But I really appreciate how you listened to me and fought hard to get the best result for me I could get.” (First Degree Robbery)

    • “Mr. Peale I think your client is guilty.  That is why I arrested him.  I look forward to trial.  You always do a good job.  If anyone can get him off it will be you.” Sheriff Homicide Detective

    • “Walt I referred my neighbor to you because I knew you would give him the best defense he could get.  He told me I was right.”  J.L., County Sheriff

    • “Mr. Peale, the family is sad you beat the prosecutor. But they wanted to thank you for the kindness you showed and the way you were able to do your job and defend your client without hurting their daughter.” Victim Advocate (after a not guilty verdict in a sex case)

    • “I thought about getting a different lawyer but all the guards said I was crazy.  They see all the lawyers in trial.  They said you are the best.  I guess they were right.  Thank you.”

    • “Mr. [defendant] you should be glad he is your lawyer.  Mr. Peale is one of the best in King county.” R. K., Judge

    • “As an attorney who has practiced criminal law for 45 years, I know Walter Peale to be one of the finest criminal defense attorneys in the state. Walter has a reputation as a skilled advocate and a tenacious fighter for his clients. Whether handling a DUI or a serious felony, Walter is known for his willingness to take on impossible odds and to achieve successful results. He is compassionate and tireless in his representation of clients who are facing potentially life changing legal challenges. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for a top notch attorney.” John Segelbaum, Attorney


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